Mr. O Bands


Courtesy of Maddie Pawlak

Maddie Pawlak and Kennedy Wertz

Mr. O is a teacher for both 8th and 7th graders. He teaches teen leadership and Science 7. Mr. O is very known for his leadership skills. He encourages students to try their best and never give up. Mr. O first started giving out his “Be extraordinary” and “Live your dash” bands 18 years ago. These bands come in pink,yellow,blue,black, and rainbow.

Mr. O went through a lot as a kid and his early adult life. He was homeless for 16 months, and struggled with an abusive father growing up. Be extraordinary was his step-father’s favorite saying. Mr. O said, “He probably said it to me a thousand times and those were the last two words he told me before he died.”

He wants kids to see the extraordinary person inside them and wants them to understand that everyday is a gift and that is what live your dash means.

Mr. O states, “The bands are not about me, it’s about the people that wear them, it’s a reminder for them.” He said his inspiration is from his stepdad and jurgen who took the time to teach a broken ten year old boy how to surf.

Mr O is super hardworking and very dedicated to his job. “I try to be an example that you can overcome everything and try to be kind,” Mr O also said “There’s never a day I don’t wanna come to work”