Class of 2027 Baseball

Wesley Pascoe, Staff Writer

The class of 2027 has some amazing upcoming baseball players. This class of 2027 consists of the top players from around the country who are graduating from their senior year of high school in 2027. This team consists of Chase Fuller, Logan Schmidt, and Landon Green among others. Currently, these players are the top 3 14u players in the country, each of which is committed to a triple-A college team, which could eventually lead to a Major League Debut.

Some of Rio’s students are currently ranked in the top 500 14u players. These include Charles Goodman and JT Gurne. They grew up playing at the William S Hart baseball complex until they were both 9 when they left to go and join travel teams that competed in tournaments. That’s when they really started to improve their skills. All-Star Dodger player, Trevor Bauer played at Hart High School until he was 13. About 30% of the players who are part of the class of 2027, come from California. This goes to show that the Hart experience raises some of the best baseball players.

When Charles Goodman was asked about his mindset and grind set he said, “The key to being good at baseball is to put in the work and block out all distractions.” Charles is one of the best baseball players in this valley. He currently plays on MVP Hustle Long-ball Black and has over 10 tournament wins on the team this year alone. Charles has three 2-hour practices a week and also has a home gym which he spends around 1 hour and 30 minutes on each day. Another key factor that makes his team better than others is that they have known each other for years and have really strong bonds. Charles Goodman has a 7 overall PG rating which means he is a possible college prospect and has scouts who watch his games.

Finally, the class of 2027 consists of some players who are already committed to college teams at the age of 14. Becoming this good at baseball requires a lot of time and work, but you also need to win a genetic lottery to help you be this good. The number 2 player in the country Logan Schmidt is a 6’3 195 pound monster who throws 88 miles per hour and has won 53 perfect game awards. He ran a 7.83-second 60-yard dash. A primary left-handed pitcher who throws up to 88 from the left side from a loose, easy arm who can command his fastball well. One of his best pitches is thrown at good low-70s, his breaking ball which he throws with sharpness and depth. He also plays first base first and the outfield. With his tall, lean build, it’s easy for him to pick balls in the ditch and allows for him to catch balls above the average first baseman’s head.

In conclusion, Some students here at Rio Norte have the skills and talents to someday be in the class of 2027. Meanwhile, the players who already are, continue to train and get stronger and better at the game every day. These players have been training since birth and deserve the top spots and contracts they have earned. I hope to see Charles Goodman and JT Gerne someday earn a college scholarship and eventually make it to the major league.