Body Dysmorphia

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Camille Hoschet, Staff Writer

Body dysmorphia is a mental health condition that can always have you thinking about your appearance or the way you look. 

 People get body dysmorphia by worrying about a specific part of their body, which is usually their face. They also get it when they compare themselves with other people. Another symptom is when you look at yourself in the mirror or try to avoid mirrors. 

 No one knows what causes body dysmorphia, but it can affect people of all genders. When people get bullied or abused, that can cause people to have a negative self-image, which can lead to caring about their appearance. If people worry about not fitting in or being lonely that may lead people to start caring about what they look like. People with mental health problems like depression, anxiety, etc, can possibly lead to body dysmorphia. 

 People with body dysmorphia can go to therapy. When having a therapist you can talk about your feelings. If a therapist isn’t working out, you can be prescribed medication that may help with what you’re going through. 

 People that suffer from body dysmorphia often like to wear baggy clothes to cover their body shape because of how insecure they are.