Ms. Grandbois’s Spanish Classes


Courtesy of Ms. Grandbois & Class

Jake Ferroli, Staff Writer

Mrs. Grandbois is currently teaching an Exploratory Spanish class and Spanish 1 as an elective here at Rio Norte Junior High. These classes can help make your Spanish class easier in high school and get you ahead in the educational journey. It may be a challenging class however it’s worth it when considering your future. In high school, you need to pass at least 2 years of the same foreign language class to graduate high school. Three years is recommended for going to a 4-years college. Taking Spanish 1 would count as high school credit and would make it easier to do the class in high school when you’ve already learned the basics of the Spanish language.

Mrs. Grandbois’ Spanish 1 class is exclusive to 8th graders only. However, if you are interested in taking Spanish as a 7th grader, you can take Exploratory Spanish. Unlike Spanish 1, Exploratory Spanish won’t count towards high school, but it does make Spanish 1 relatively easier. Spanish is one of the most important elective classes at Rio Norte since it has so much to offer. 7th grader Thomas Konard is a student in Mrs. Grandbois’s Exploratory Spanish class. “The teacher is very nice, she is very helpful when help is needed…” “She has her own way of doing things like a unique desk rotation and doesn’t give a lot of homework”, Thomas says.  

Spanish is one of the most common languages worldwide. Going to different countries such as Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Spain, and Portugal, you might need to know this language to communicate with the people that live in those places. Learning a foreign language is also good stimulation for the brain. When I went into the class, I could see that students were working and helping each other out. The class was reviewing the Spanish they have learned in the past week(s). The class seemed to be having fun and laughing while still learning a lot. When one team was struggling the teacher (Mrs. Grandbois) helped the team and they figured out how to do it and they continued on their own. There are tests, however, in class, they were reviewing and going over what’s going to be on the test. 

Mrs. Grandbois’s Spanish classes are extremely good for you right now and for your future. The class is amazing and the teacher is great; the students all work together and the atmosphere in the class is great. Spanish with Ms. Grandbois is overall one of many amazing electives here at Rio Norte.