Students’ Favorite Subjects

Courtesy of Dreamstime

Courtesy of Dreamstime

Haeli Reyes, Staff Writer

Most students here at Rio Norte have a favorite subject. Whether it be science, English, history, PE, math, or their elective. A Google survey was given out and asked what your favorite subject was. The top 3 most chosen were their electives, PE, and English. Electives with 34.5%, 27.6% for PE, and 12.1% for English.

The top electives chosen were art and culinary. Beginning and Advanced Art is taught by Art James. 7th grader Turner Presley says, “Art is my favorite subject because we get to make our own things by hand like pots and paint pallets. We can put unique designs and other cool things.”Another 7th grader named Haylee Lord states, “This is my favorite subject because you don’t really have to learn hard things. I also love arts and crafts! Also, I love my art teacher. She is super nice and fun.” Culinary is taught by Mrs. Prieto. 7th grader Justin Rodriquez says about culinary “Culinary is my favorite subject because of the fun activities we do and all of the delicious food we make and eat.”Another 7th grader, Timothy Rimke, says “I just get to make and eat food for an hour and a half.”

The next most voted subject was PE with a total of 27.6%. Mrs. Cooper, Mr. Burleson, Mr. Stroh, and Mrs. Carrizales teach PE. 7th grader Karina Sevrugina says, “I like to work out, and in PE you don’t have to sit in chairs and instead you get to do fun activities and when we do free play you can walk laps or even just sit and talk with friends freely.” Another seventh grader Jackson Kim says, “ I love playing sports and stuff and I just love being able to be active. Also, I have a lot of my friends in my P.E. class, which also makes it great.” Olivia Smith, another seventh grader, writes “I like to be active and most of my friends are there.” The rest of the voters say they like PE because of the lack of homework, friends, and sports they do.

The last top-voted subject was English with 11.9%. “It’s my favorite because I’m good at English and my teacher is super nice and makes it really fun,” says 7th grader Alani Hagen. 7th grader Aiden Warrender says, “I just like writing, and I can draw in my free time without getting in trouble,” 7th grader Camilla Akilova says, “It is my favorite subject because the teacher who teaches us is very nice, I like writing and reading things, and it’s fun analyzing things.” The rest of the students said they like English because it’s fun and they like writing.
These are all of the students’ favorite subjects. The electives, PE, and English. The Google survey got 121 responses.