Driver’s Ed & How It Prepares Students for their Licenses

Courtesy of Stanly County Schools

Courtesy of Stanly County Schools

Sophia Stockman, Staff Writer

How Driver’s Education Can Help Students Prepare For Their Licenses

Students are always thinking about driving. Whether they are a freshman, sophomores, or even 8th graders, that thought about being able to drive everywhere is always going to be in their minds somehow. Most of the time, they wonder how they can prepare themselves for getting a driver’s license.

Taking a Driver’s Education is a common way to prepare before getting your license. It teaches you the basic rules of driving so you have a basic understanding before taking the real test. For example, it gives people a better understanding of car maintenance, confidence, defensive driving techniques, and the basic rules of the road. Students who have taken Driver’s Education have a lesser chance of a car accident. In California, Driver’s Ed usually costs around $345-$360. 62% of drivers had taken a Driver’s Education course before getting their license. Driver’s Education is required until someone is over the age of 17.

When asked if Driver’s Education is worth it, a 10th grader at Valencia High School said, “I’d say it’s worth it. I feel like it’s helping me a lot in preparing for the real test.” Another student at Valencia High School said, “I’ve been trying to get started with Driver’s Ed because I’ve been told it would help me get my license.” When asked if Driver’s Education is hard to do, another student said, “It’s not hard if you actually try.”

Overall, Drivers Ed is a class that gives students the education they need to go places. It also gives teens a new sense of responsibility and it is one step closer to adulthood.