Snow in SCV

Lauren Kays, Staff Writer

Across Santa Clarita Valley, snow hit the ground on February 25, 2023. This rare occasion happened for the first time since January 2, 2017. It had been raining nonstop for the past two days before it snowed. The snow occurred around eight in the morning and lasted about 30 minutes if you lived around Rio Norte. Even though the snow did not stick to the ground, it turned into moldable ice that you could still shape. This snow came in bigger snowflakes that looked more like chunks than flakes.

Although it has occasionally snowed in Santa Clarita Valley since 1989, this winter wonderland sight reminded many of the winter storms that year. Many longtime residents of Santa Clarita Valley had comments to say. Resident Jennifer Cerritos stated,” It was wonderful. It brought back me back to my childhood and to 1989 of how when I was here, it snowed, so my children got to experience that. That was amazing, how I did when I was a kid,”. Many longtime residents of Santa Clarita Valley enjoyed the snow like Jennifer Cerritos.

Anonymous students have stated when asked about what they thought about the snow, “I loved it and it was fun to watch.” They also said, “I watched the snow from my car and I watched the snow from inside my house.” Adding on to that, 34% of the students made snowballs from the frost on the cars and ran around.

In Castaic, the snow stuck to the ground a lot more and you were able to make snowmen. Many residents like 7th grader, Emily Meadow, enjoyed this amazing sight to be seen. Snow can still be seen on most mountains surrounding the Santa Clarita area and it snowed as low as 1,000 feet in elevation. Places like Big Bear and Mountain High got up to 45 inches of snow and still counting as it is still snowing from February 26th through the 28th. Even though this is a rare sight to be seen it is more likely to happen more often than not because of global warming patterns.

This was not the only time it snowed here. It happened on (insert date) around 1:30 pm and lasted for about thirty minutes. When it snowed around Rio most classes were let out by their teachers to see it. Students were able to make ice balls out of the snow that hit the ground. The snow after this was on and off but melted instantly when it hit the ground.

To conclude, this snow was a once-in-a-lifetime experience sight as it snowing in Santa Clarita Valley is uncommon. With thousands of people enjoying this sight to behold, you can expect there to be more opportunities to come.