The 2023 Grammy’s


Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter

Quinn Huiza, Staff Writer

The 2023 Grammys aired on February 5, 2023. This was the 65th annual Grammy’s and there were 75 awards given out to the nominees that attended. The show was filled with anticipation as the winners were announced. While some fans were extremely happy with the results of the awards, others were furious, starting trends on Twitter such as “#Scammys.”

The Grammy Awards were first presented in 1959 when the recording academy was founded by a group of musical professionals. And who founded the recording academy. The awards were created to recognize excellence in the recording industry and to celebrate the achievements of musicians, producers, engineers, and other music professionals. Since then, the awards have grown in scope and prestige, and are now recognized as one of the most prestigious awards in the music industry.

One of the most important awards given out is Album of the Year. Last year, it was given to Taylor Swift for “Folklore” and this year it was given to Harry Styles for “Harry’s House.” He currently has 66 million monthly listeners on Spotify and is still extremely popular, gaining more popularity as the days go on. Some of the smaller awards that were given out were Best New Artist, Best Traditional Pop Vocal, and Best Pop Vocal Album.

The Grammy awards are a great way to honor the best and the brightest in the music industry. This year’s winners were a testament to the talent and creativity of the music industry.