Is the Block Schedule Beneficial?

Courtesy of the Rio Norte Website

Courtesy of the Rio Norte Website

Katelynn Karsten, Staff Writer

Here at Rio Norte, we have something called a ‘Block Schedule’. This means that we have A and B days, which alternate each day. The days that are A day have periods 1, 2, and 3. B days are periods 4, 5, and 6. The purpose of the block schedule is to keep students on their feet and make the school days less monotonous. 

Having all classes in one day means classes are shorter, which means less time with that teacher. But, you have to see them every day and some students don’t like their teacher(s) that much. Having all classes can increase stress levels, having more homework due next class and having many assignments in different classes. And, being absent means you miss all 6 classes instead of just 3. In Hart District, Rio Norte Junior High was the first to turn to Block Schedule, the other schools following behind. Valencia High School has even and odd days, as well as other schools that are in Hart District.

On the other hand, having all classes can have benefits too. One student said that having all classes means less time in class. And if you have a question you can just ask them the next day, not having to wait an extra day or email them when they’re busy at home. It can also improve your skills in each subject if you go every day to that class, which means you can learn more about it.

A poll created asked students which one they preferred and why. 76.9% said that Block Schedule was better than all classes. 23.1% said differently. The other wide majority said that Block Schedule was better because it was easier, less homework which equals less stress, and more time to learn a subject in class.

Having a block schedule has more benefits to a student than having all classes, giving them less stress and more time at the end of the day for other activities or sports they have to do. It also gives benefits to teachers, having fewer classes each day so they can relax more too.