The Kelce Brothers

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Lauren Kays, Staff Writer

The Kelce brothers of the NFL set the record of being the first brothers that played against each other in a Super Bowl. Jason Kelce, 35 years old, a center for the Philadelphia Eagles played against his brother, Travis Kelce, 33 years old, starting tight end for the Kansas City Cheifs. Their mom, Donna Kelce, rocked her split outfit of the Eagles and Chiefs for her sons which she shared in a Twitter post before the game. The Philadelphia Eagles set an imposing record for the season of 14-3-0 while the Kansas City Chiefs had the exact same record. These impressive records led the teams to the playoffs and eventually the Super Bowl where the match-up between the brothers started.

The two brothers grew up in Westlake, Ohio to the parents’ Ed and Donna Kelce. Both brothers were stars on their high school team, the Tigers at Cleveland Ohio High School. After Jason Kelce put up impressive numbers in college football, he was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011 in the 6th round. Travis Kelce was drafted in 2013 in the 3rd round by the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Super Bowl LVII started at 3:30 on February 12, 2023. By the end of the first quarter, both teams were tied at 7. By halftime, the score was 24-14 Eagles. The Super Bowl halftime show presented by Apple Music in 2023 was Rhianna. At this time Rhianna announced her pregnancy with her second child. About halfway through the third quarter, Jalen Hurts fumbled the ball and let the defense for the Kansas City Chiefs score a touchdown. The Chiefs tied the game midway through the fourth quarter. The Chiefs made a game-winning field goal that made the final score 38-35 for the win by the Kansas City Chiefs.

Travis Kelce ended up winning the battle between him and his brother, Jason. The two brothers shared an emotional moment when the Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LVII. The two shared that after the game they are really grateful for their mom for being so excited for them and who they have become. They also shared that they were so grateful to share this once-in-a-lifetime experience as brothers.