Top Clubs


The Video Production Club Courtesy of Alex

Alex Marks, Staff Writer

Some people want to join clubs but don’t know what they want. A poll describing the percentage of people that want to join a club and maybe want to join a club and people that don’t want to join a club.

The first category is the most popular.  7th grader Molly Shepard thinks either The Dungeons and Dragons or the KLAWS club is the most popular. Some existing clubs are The DND, KLAWS, desert, and Nintendo clubs. The poll shows that 20% of the people that took the poll say they don’t want to join a club.

More details include that 80% of people that took the survey said maybe to joining a club. These people also stated that they think the most popular category is the Nintendo club. For the most popular,  many put Nintendo club. They also said for the most entertaining and most fun would also be the Nintendo club.

Courtesy of DND Club Games

Most of the club meetings occur at lunchtime so you would miss most of your lunch. Most of the clubs only meet once a week. Most of the clubs include the bird club, the 3d printing club, and the astronomy club. Monday’s clubs are The Improv club and the Video production club. Tuesday clubs are the MathCounts club, The Lego club, The Art Club, and the GSA club. On Wednesday the clubs are The Astronomy Club and The KLAWS Club. On Thursdays, the clubs are The Bird Club, The Green Vibes Club, and The D&D Club. Lastly, on Friday the clubs are The 3d Printing Club, Club Nintendo, The Exploration of Desserts and More Around the World Club, and The D&D Club again. This should be able to help you pick a club if you want to pick one, but can’t choose.