Super Bowl 2023

Brayden Rivers, Staff Writer

The Super Bowl was held in Arizona by the NFL. The Kansas City Chiefs and The Philadelphia Eagles went head to head. The Super Bowl happens once a year, and the two teams in it are not very surprising because they both have two really good teams. Travis Kelce plays for the Chiefs and Jason Kelce plays for the Eagles. These two players were the first brothers to ever play in the Super Bowl, also Rio’s old culinary teacher’s even son got to play in the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs had a good season this year. They finished the season 14 and 3. The Chiefs had a great season stepping it up after losing their best wide receiver last year. Patrick Mahomes won the AFC championship even with a high ankle sprain, which took 6-8 weeks to recover against the Bengals. The Chiefs beat the Bengals to go to the Super Bowl. The reason this was a big game is that the Bengals have beaten the Chiefs the last three times they have played each other. Becket Wilder is a 7th grader. He said, “the Chiefs should be in the Super Bowl because the Chiefs have worked hard throughout the year and have beaten some of the best teams this year. They also had the hardest schedule in the league this year.”

Jalen Hurts – Courtesy of Wikipedia

On the other hand, the Eagles did good this season too. They went 14 and 3, like the Chiefs. The last time the Eagles went to the Super Bowl was in 2017. They went to the playoffs in 2018, 2019, 2021, and 2022. The last time they went to the playoffs was in the 2021 season. It looked like the Eagles would not be a good team for a while, but when the quarterback was replaced as well as the head coach, then everything changed. This season, they lead the NFL in getting the most first downs and the most sacks this season. Lucas Bossard is also a 7th grader as well. He said, “the Eagles aren’t better than the Chiefs because the Eagles had a huge lead and started messing up then lost the lead.” The Chiefs have a pretty good quarterback who was injured, which is a big advantage, but they still ended up losing.

Matt Moore is on the Chiefs and is playing in the Super Bowl. His mom, Mindy Moore was the previous Culinary teacher for Rio. She had left two years ago but her son is now in the Super Bowl. Matt Moore went to Hart high school and was drafted by the Cowboys. He had played for the Carolina Panthers, Miami Dolphins, and the Kansas City Chiefs. In the Super Bowl, the Eagles held the lead until the Chiefs took it late in the fourth quarter. The Chiefs kicked a field goal that helped them win by three points. Travis and Jason Kelce are the first-ever brothers to play in the Super Bowl. This was big because it is really hard to get on two good teams that both make it to the Super Bowl. Most people don’t realize how hard that is.