Mrs. Jeon – Teacher Spotlight


Courtesy of Mrs. Jeon

Camille Hoschet, Staff Writer


    In 2023 our school has a wellness center coordinator trying to help our school. The wellness center coordinator, Mrs. Jeon will talk to you and try to help you out if you’re going through rough times.      

   The goal Mrs. Jeon has for the wellness center is she wants the wellness center to become familiar with Rio Norte as a safe and comfortable place to come to during brunch and lunch. The second thing is she wants the wellness center to be a place for students to come for emotional support after checking in with their school counselors and a place to process their feelings. She also says it’s to gain the tools necessary to be successful at school, whether in class with academics or with peers with relational issues. She said, “In all, my goal is to bring positive changes and resources to make Rio one of the best Junior High Schools in the district.”   

   In Mrs. Jeon’s spare time, she enjoys baking; and recently started to study and try new recipes on YouTube. She likes to travel with her family, whether it’s overseas or on a road trip. She likes to try local foods and visit cultural sights whenever she travels. 

   Mrs. Jeon wanted to work in wellness because her academic background is in mental health counseling. She has a master’s degree in science. She has been in family therapy and has been working as a therapist for many years before signing up to be a full-time stay-at-home mom. As a therapist, she specialized in working with children. She said, “I had been working part-time as a substitute teacher for the past 7 years, and having worked primarily at Rio last year, I was able to learn about this position.” She was also studying to attain a Pupil Personnel Services Credential last year and needed to accrue internship hours, so it was a perfect fit at the time. 

   If Mrs. Jeon could change anything about the wellness center itR to relocate to a larger place. She has visited other wellness centers within the Hart School District, and ours is the smallest in size, therefore, is limited to the number of students we can accommodate during drop-ins. She says “I wish I didn’t have to tell students that we are full and have to turn them away.” She also said “it would be nice to have a big projector or TV screen as most other Wellness Centers do at different campuses. That’ll make showing presentations for groups much easier.” Other than that, she’s very pleased with our wellness center.