Ms. Ng – Teacher Spotlight


Courtesy of Ms. Ng.

Wesley Pascoe, Staff Writer

Ms. Ng has been teaching here at Rio for around 5 years. She was previously a student here and loved the school so much that she returned to teach. When Ms. Ng was a student at Rio Norte her favorite teacher was Art James which some of you may have. Art James made a significant impact on her life and was the reason she decided to become a teacher. Ms. Ng thinks, “The other teachers are amazing! I learn so much from them and I can always count on them if I need any ideas, help, or coffee.”

Ms. Ng has a large family which consists of her parents, older brother, younger brother, younger sister, and of course herself.  In Ms. Ng’s free time, she enjoys going hiking in exotic places, cooking and trying new foods, reading books, and trying new restaurants with her friends and family. Ms. Ng went to Moorpark Junior College, California State University, Northridge (CSUN) for her bachelor’s and teaching credential, and Grand Canyon University (GCU) for her master’s.

Ms. Ng is the ASB director here at Rio Norte. She overlooks and teaches her students about school spirit and what they can do to bring students together.  8th grader Omar Reza’s thoughts on Ms. Ng’s teaching style are, “She can be stern when she needs to be. If someone in ASB is goofing off, she’s able to shut it down without coming across as rude, rather than just keeping the class in check. I know a lot of teachers who get spoken about poorly just because they’re telling their class to calm down or stop horseplay (which is usually undeserved), but I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about her.”

Ms. Ng loves teaching English and believes that she can inspire others to find a passion for learning and teaching. 5 fun facts about Ms. Ng that make her unique are that she drives a stick shift, she owns over 100 vinyls, her favorite sport is baseball, and her favorite team is the Dodgers. Ms. Ng once saw a whale while whale watching in Hawaii and it made her so happy she cried. Ms. Ng has contributed a lot to her English students and has built ASB up to what it is now.