Rio & the K.L.A.W.S Club are Donating to Help Homeless Animals & Pets. How can YOU Help?


Courtesy of Petfinder

Emily Golan, Staff Writer

The K.L.A.W.S Club is accepting donations of pet supplies & food. Donations will be made to Sunny Day Acres animal rescue. By donating, you are helping by saving the life of a homeless animal that is in need of a safe, comfy, and lovable home. “I’ve always enjoyed having goats, horses, dogs, cats, birds, mice, as pets and taking care of them.” Says Mrs. Mandel.   But why is this relevant to Rio or the Klaws club as of right now? Well, homelessness is a big problem, especially for animals, but it’s not just homelessness for the pets, it’s how animals would no longer have to suffer in puppy mills, factory farms, testing labs or other heartbreaking situations.  Another heartbreaking thing is that not many people pay attention to homeless animals/pets, & the KLAWS club is looking to change that. “Mrs. Racina, the school counselor, as well as one of my dogs that I bought from the pound, inspired me to run this club, teaching everyone about homelessness in many pets and teaching students to help raise awareness for them” says Mrs. Mandel.  

Another big thing to think about helping homeless animals is how they even got to the point of being homeless in the first place. For example, maybe the previous owners couldn’t find any time to take care of their pet, so they just left it outside or just abandoned them whatsoever. Abuse is also a big one. People could have left the dogs to just starve and/or tied up to a structure or pole on a leash. However, there are rescue teams always looking for any stray animal that they can take back to the shelter to give them the best treatment that they can before being adopted.

Approximately 6.3 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year.  

Furthermore, if the animals are left with no food or water, which is a pretty big/important item, then the animals will end up becoming hungry. Hungry animals do not care if it is a person they have grown close to or not they will attack. If they are fed then they will have no reason to attack someone who has taken care of them. This will save animals’ lives but also benefit the safety of other people. 

Though the club is not forcing anyone to donate, they would just appreciate it if people give more attention to this situation of homeless animals, as not many people do. The life of a homeless and helpless pet is calling you for help. See how you can make a difference, and create a new friendship, the friendship the suffering pets never got from how they were previously treated. 

On Wednesday, February 1st, at lunch, there will be a special guest speaker in the KLAWS club! If you want to join the KLAWS club and participate in special activities/events like these, you can email Mrs. Mandel at [email protected], or stop by her room in D-3 during brunch or lunch!