The Effects Drugs Have on Teens

Courtesy of Crest View Recovery Center

Courtesy of Crest View Recovery Center

Charles Newton, Staff Writer

Teens that take drugs are a serious problem that can affect their family, friends, and teens. Between 2016 and 2020 there has been a 61% increase in eighth graders who misused substances. Most teens using drugs are either peer pressured by friends or want to feel more like an adult.

Most teens who become addicted to drugs are usually influenced by peer pressure. Peer pressure is when friends or an adult will encourage people to take drugs. Drugs can cause people to be distant from family and friends. It can also be really bad for a person’s health, sometimes even causing death. Peer pressure can be a good thing as well though since people can be encouraged not to take drugs.

Another common reason why teens take drugs is to feel more like an adult. Teens often want to act more grown up, so they smoke or take drugs because they believe that’s what adults do. In addition, teens may even feel pressured because they see their parents take drugs or smoke every day. Older teens are more likely to take drugs at home. Approximately, 50% of teens in the U.S. take drugs.

Teens will get drugs from places that people least expect. Most often, teens are getting drugs from friends who deal drugs at school. Sometimes, they will get it from websites that sell drugs. Lastly, they can get it from their house if their family members take drugs.

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Mr. Sheridan, one of the advisors of Drug-Free Youth in SCV (or DFY in SCV) at Rio Norte Junior High School, was asked about what he thought was a common reason teens take drugs. He said that they have found two of the main reasons are that it happens through peer pressure and trying to numb or forget the problems they are having in life. He was also asked about what DFY in SCV does to help people He responded by saying that they will host events, have teens do fun activities, and they will be available to talk to for help if people are struggling with drug addictions.
Helplines are ways to talk to people when you don’t feel like talking to family members or friends. Rehab centers are places you can go to and consult with professionals, psychologists, and other people who are going through the same thing. Also, you will stay away from the addiction and people will encourage you to not do it and you aren’t allowed to leave until after a certain amount of time. These are very helpful if you have addictions to things such as drugs and even alcohol.

Some helplines and rehab centers could be good for you. The Rio Norte Careline is a helpline where students from the school can talk to administrators anonymously. Action Family is a 24-hour helpline where people can call to talk about alcohol and drug addictions. Insight Treatment Services for Teens and Families is a rehab center where families and teens can come and get help from professional psychologists.