Teacher Spotlight – Ms. Pulaski


Courtesy of Mrs. Pulaski

Haeli Reyes, Staff Writer

Ms. Pulaski is a 7th-grade history teacher. She has been teaching at Rio Norte for 4 years. She graduated from Seattle University, Portland State University, and Cal St Northridge. She decided to work at Rio as a history teacher because her two sons at the time were getting ready to start here. She also became a teacher at Rio Norte because she heard our school has the best students!

Ms. Pulaski doesn’t just love to teach history, she loves to go to concerts, hike, play her guitar, and sing. She takes care of her ragdoll cat named Luka, who all her students know. She has two sons in high school who play basketball and volleyball. She makes history enjoyable for her students by making her agenda slides decorative and fun for her students to read. Along with being decorative she also likes to feature pictures of her students’ pets on the agenda.  7th grader Lilly Huerta says, “I love her teaching styles and how she helps and explains to us in every assignment”.

A fun fact about Ms. Pulaski is she writes songs with her guitar and sings. She has two albums released on Spotify and also sang the national anthem in front of 2,000 people. Many people don’t know about how she loves to sing and share her voice in class and in front of big audiences.

When asked what Ms. Pulaski’s favorite era to teach she explained, “I love teaching about Mesoamerican cultures since it’s a favorite unit for students. It may have something to do with the Aztec beating hearts. ”I love the students! I love seeing progress and learning, especially when a student achieves something they’ve been working for!” if you have any personal questions for her, you can email her at Jennifer Pulaski or go to her room D-3!