Winter Holidays Around the World

Courtesy of Holland Museum

Courtesy of Holland Museum

Many winter holidays are celebrated across the whole world. The most popular holiday is Christmas with most of the American population celebrating it. Because of the large population celebrating it, most people don’t even know about the other holidays that bring people together during the winter months. These holidays are important to people and their religions and deserve to be recognized. These are the winter holidays that are celebrated around the world.


Hanukkah is one of the more popular holidays on this list with about 2% of Americans celebrating it. The religion of Judaism celebrates this holiday lasting eight days long. Hanukkah is celebrated marking the reopening of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Some ways people celebrate this holiday include lighting the menorah and putting one more candle than the day before, playing the game dreidel, and eating foods like latkes (potato pancakes) and sufganiyot (a pastry like a jelly donut.)Student Miles Archie states “I believe that Hanukkah is a fun thing I do with my parents. I love eating the food and getting gifts.” Most Jews can agree that Hanukkah is a very important tradition.

Diwali, The Festival of Lights

Diwali is a traditional holiday celebrated by the Hindu people celebrate this holiday include lighting candles, decorating their house with festive decorations, shopping, setting off fireworks, making prayers, giving out gifts, having large feasts, and spending time with their family. Diwali is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month and depends on the Indian calendar. It could range from October to November. Diwali is important to the many Hindus that celebrate it.


Kwanzaa is a weeklong celebration of African-American and their culture. Some ways to celebrate include giving gifts, having large feasts with family and friends, and lighting candles to remember their ancestors and hope for their future. This holiday starts on December 26 and goes all the way to January 1st. Kwanzaa is a very important holiday for African-Americans and can help strengthen their roots in their heritage.

Los Posadas

Los Posadas is a holiday that begins on December 16 and ends on December 24. It is celebrated by Latin Americans and their families. It is celebrated as a festival and recalls the birth of baby Jesus and how it happened. Some ways people celebrate it include hitting star-shaped pinatas, attending processions, and meditating. Las Posadas originated with the Aztecs celebrating it. Student Anonymous claims, “I love the food that my grandma and mom make. My favorite thing to do is hit the pinata.

“Los Posadas is a special holiday for the Latino community and is a big tradition for them.

New Years

Although in America, people celebrate New Year to mark the end of the year, people in other countries celebrate it differently. Some ways countries celebrate New Year include Brazil going to the beach, Spain eating 12 grapes, India making a sculpture of an old man and setting it on fire so it could burn down, Japan eating their signature soba noodles, France having a giant feast with champagne, Haiti sharing soup, Denmark throwing glass plates so they break, and lastly China having their parades with fireworks and a signature animal for every different year. All of these events have a meaning to the culture of the people that do them. These traditions all happen between October and February and are a big tradition in these countries.

3 Kings Day

3 Kings Day is a grand feast held to honor the occasion of Jesus’ birth.  Named after the 3 wise men who brought gifts to Jesus the day he was born, the holiday started in the fourth century and starts on Friday, January 6. Some gifts given on this day are gold, frankincense, and myrrh, which is symbolic to the gifts the 3 wise men brought Jesus. Many kids leave out their shoes the night before 3 Kings Day. These shoes are filled with hay which feed the 3 Wise Men’s camels. It is believed that the 3 Wise men leave candies and toys in their shoes for good children.

In conclusion, there are many different ways you could celebrate holiday times. From Channukah to New Year, it is a very exciting time to look forward to and enjoy. Whether you’re in America or somewhere else in the world, the wintertime is always amazing. Those were only a few of the hundreds of holidays and traditions that people do.