Cardboard Crafts

Courtesy of 405

Courtesy of 405

Jonathan Armstrong, Staff Writer

Cardboard. A wonderful material, used for packaging, cereal boxes, and even juice cartons. Many of us get cardboard a lot when we order stuff, or buy things, since it is so heavily used. But you can recycle your cardboard into amazing crafts. If crafts are too difficult for you, you can always recycle cardboard to help the environment.

Some crafts are super easy, like a castle. The reason why the castle is super easy is because it just uses flat panels and duct tape. You will need a knife, duct tape, and lots of cardboard. Be safe with a knife and ask for help if you need it. All you need to do is cut up a doorway and tape the cardboard sides together and presto, a fully made castle. You can also use cardboard to make additions and other rooms.

Armour. It is something all kids want, but really heavy, expensive, and hard to find. But with cardboard, you can make your own set of armour. To make it, get two pieces of cardboard, the size of your chest, and tape them together at the top to make the main vest. Make sure your head can fit through the gap between. If you want to make it better, make cubes with two sides next to each other open, and have the open sides face in and down, to make shoulder pauldrons.

If you don’t think you can make the crafts, you can recycle the cardboard. Still give the crafts a try, but if you can’t, listen to this. Put your cardboard in a pile, along with other metals and paper, to be recycled. Put it in your recycling bin, the green and grey one, to be brought to a recycling facility and to be remade into other wonderful products.

So, cardboard is very fun to build with and great to make things out of. And when recycled, the environment is helped a lot. Remember to recycle and get crafty.