Why Getting Your Nails Done Should Be Cheaper

Sofia Bellardine, Staff Writer

Courtesy of Pinterest

If you ever go to the nail salon and you get your nails done, the total cost is always so expensive. Some people can’t afford them and because of inflation, nail techs are raising their prices. A lot of people at Rio Norte and around the world get their nails done repeatedly.

Lots of people get their nails done and the prices at nail salons have gone up so much they are making people decide whether or not to stop getting their nails done. But people now only get their nails done on special occasions and before a lot would get them done on a daily basis, but now not anymore.

Another reason nail salons are raising their prices is probably because it takes a lot of time to do your nails. Sometimes they can take almost 3 hours or longer and people can be very picky with their nails. It is also expensive because there are about 6-12 people working there and there are tons of people waiting. Plus, there are products that they buy with their own money that they earn and are not cheap. 

Courtesy of Pinterest

 Some questions that were asked were: Why do you think that getting your nails done should be cheaper? Where do you get your nails done? Do you think that getting your nails done should be cheaper? What is the average price when you get your nails done? While interviewing 8th grader Jade Shields, she responded with, “Well, not everyone can afford them and a lot of girls at Rio like to be pretty with them.” For the second question, she responded with “Minaillium.” She said “Yes,” to the third question and for the final question, she said around $58. For the second interview, 7th grader Haden said that she thinks that “nail salons should be cheaper because not a lot of people can afford them.” For the second question, she responded with “Malibu nail spa.” Haden also thinks that nail salons should be cheaper and for the fourth question she said, “around $20-$30.”

Overall, everything that has been stated so far goes with nails should be cheaper because of inflation, and not everyone can afford them because prices are going higher. People’s paychecks are lowering and they are not getting paid enough, therefore, getting your nails done at nail salons should be cheaper.