5 Concept Cars That Will Revolutionize the Automobile Industry


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Brandon Vasserman, Staff Writer

Vehicles are constantly evolving. Every year, new technology is released that quickly improves our go-to vehicles by introducing new features, enhancing existing ones, or altogether revoluti

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onizing the design. But what can we anticipate from upcoming automobiles? These are the cars that will change the world.

  1. Tesla Cybertruck

Now, most people know about the notorious, Tesla Cybertruck. After many delays, Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, claims that the car will be released in 2023. It has a base price of $39, 900 and has a waiting list of almost 3 years! It goes from 0 to 60mph in almost 2.9 seconds and has a whopping 800 horsepower! The car is fully electric with a 500-mile range to make sure you don’t get stuck on long drives. Tesla also claims that the car is fully bulletproof with Musk showing this by throwing rocks at the windows. Overall, this car is fast, affordable, and a futuristic beast.

      2. BMW IX Flow

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BMW is known for making one of the most well-rounded cars but did you know that one of their cars could change colors? The BMW IX Flow is a concept car made by BMW. They have shown the car off in many car shows and even videos you could find online. They show the car changing colors with the press of a button. The car could also make special patterns and stripes to meet the owner’s needs. BMW has yet to release the technology but we hope to see these cars on the road very soon.

       3. Hyundai Elevate

The Hyundai Elevate is a car that could not only provide transportation but

even save lives. The Hyundai Elevate is a concept car created by the automobile company Hyundai. When a natural disaster hits, first responders sometimes can’t get to people but with the Hyundai Elevate, you could go over anything. Hyundai claims that this car could go in any terrain including snow, rock, water, and even stairs. It does this because the bottom of the car has leg-like figures that allow the car to go over and avoid stuff. Many believe that this car could save lives and help

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people get places easier.

         4. Mercedes Vision AVTR

Out of all the cars on this list, this one is definitely the most futuristic. Mercedes, a luxury automobile company has collaborated with the makers of the movie, The Avatar to create the Mercedes

AVTR. Besides the looks of this car, it has many incredible features. First, the car doesn’t even have a steering wheel, it has an interactive joystick. The driver can move this to drive and if you are ever tired of driving, you could just put on a device that connects to your brain. It reads your brain waves and you could control the car with your mind. This feature could help people with disabilities or injuries. Also, there are “bionic flaps” on the back of the car that acts as solar panels to the car so you rarely have to charge your

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car. Lastly, this car has an insane interior. The inside of the car has screens parts of the armrests, dashboard, etc that react to your environment. They could change because of the stuff around you, how you are driving, and the sound around you. In conclusion, the Mercedes AVTR is a futuristic car with many features that make that car insanely cool.

        5. Rolls Royce 103EX “Vision Next 100”

Rolls Royce is known for making ultra-luxury cars and the Rolls Royce 103EX takes it to another level. The car has a sleek design with ultra comfort to ensure the driver with the best possible experience. Aerodynamic cowlings separate the wheels from the body and protect them from dirt and scratches. The body itself has a roofline that is considerably more streamlined than anything else and is shaped like the hull of a boat. The car is one of the more expensive cars on this list with a price of $10 million dollars. This is one of the coolest additions to the Vision Next 100 cars and looks like the future of luxury cars.

Concept cars give us a look at the cars in the future. 7th grader Jacob Batac states, “It is a big risk for maufactueres but is a bold statement

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and all of these cars have a very cool design.” These cars will change our world while looking amazing. We hope that these cars will release and will be seen on the road very soon. Those were the coolest concept cars, the future of automobiles is looking nice.