Unblocked Games At School

Courtesy of istock

Courtesy of istock

Jonathan Armstrong, Staff Writer

    Games at school seem like a hard thing to come by because of monitoring systems that schools put into place. However, this can be bypassed by using websites that provide games for students to play. This comes with both positive and negative effects.

    The positive outcomes of games at school are that students are able to play games when they are done with their work or if they have time to kill. As Mrs. Kratofil, a seventh grade history teacher said, “This is not a problem because teachers are able to monitor the computers using GoGuardian”. This shows some people like the unblocked games that they can play. They can also be used as incentives for good work.

    The negative effects of the unblocked games consist of getting distracted and skipping work to play games. If students get distracted, they may not fully learn the subject being taught and fail tests that cover the subject. When students skip work, they don’t complete it and lose points on their grade.

    So, are unblocked games good or bad? As you can see, they are good incentives and great for killing time, but they come with drawbacks including distractions and skipping work. What do you think about unblocked games?