Student Spotlight – Faith Hilton

Student Spotlight - Faith Hilton

Molly Shepard, Staff Writer

Faith Hilton is a 7th Grade student that is studying here at Rio Norte. She has a really cool life and is enjoyed by many of her friends here. She has a passion for volleyball and made it on the Legacy ‘’Black Team’’ for volleyball. She also enjoys playing basketball in her free time and going to the mall for fun.

She grew up here in Santa Clarita and went to Mountain View Elementary School. She loves hanging out with her friends and loves spending time with them in any way she can. Her favorite subject currently is English and loves reading and writing. She was originally going to Rancho Pico but later decided to go to Rio. Soon, she met new people and likes Rio a lot, and loves her classes!

A few fun facts about her are that she is Peruvian and her birthday is on April 29th, 2010. She has one that is a blue heeler, which is an Australian cattle dog named Smokey. Her favorite color is green. She also has a younger sister named Lucy that is 7 years old and goes to Mountain View Elementary School. This Halloween she was  Carrie from the 1976  horror film “Carrie”. The movie is about Carrie White, who is a girl brought up, almost in isolation by her domineering, religious mother Margaret.

She is a loving friend amongst others she is around and people have a lot of fun when they are with her. She is the oldest of 2. When she grows up, she aspires to be either a lawyer or a history teacher. Currently, her dream college is Pepperdine University. Her second choice is UC Santa Barbara (UCSB).

Faith plans on continuing volleyball for a while until the season ends and will continue hanging out with her friends at the mall! Maybe you’ll catch her reading too or playing some basketball. She loves Rio and can’t wait to finish her Junior High years here with many memories to come!

You can catch her here around the campus of Rio Norte!