Goat Firefighters


Kaitlyn Berg

A crew of more than a hundred goats eat brush along Lake Chabot Regional Park. Leading this group of goats is Selena Goatmez, Vincent Vangoat, along with Rancher. This mission will reduce fire fuel and hazards. These skilled goats can get through rocky peaks and steep terrain, which even the most elite firefighters cannot. Mike from wodff.org says, “It was only $15,000 for a ten-acre plot.”. Not only are these missions affordable, but it’s a very natural way to prevent wildfires. 

On top of this, Scott Morris launched his business “805 Goats”. This is  business where goats munch away at vegetation in Thousand Oaks. The goats happen to love their job just like the people they’re saving. The goats have been seen getting excited to start munching at their “all you can eat buffet”. This has proven to work too, devouring fires stop right at the perimeter where the goats had been munching.

Courtesy of youtube

wodff.org states that the best part about this is, “. . .this line of work is all the people who stop by to see the animals in action.”  You can keep track of the goats yourself by going to https://www.805goats.com/ so you can see the goats in action!