Teacher Spotlight – Mrs. Madrid

Tali Cooper

Whether it be science experiments or watching the Dodgers baseball team, Mrs. Madrid wouldn’t hesitate to be there! Mrs. Madrid is an 8th grade science teacher here at Rio Norte. She loves getting her students excited about science and has been teaching here for about 15-16 years.

Courtesy of Mrs. Madrid

Many people think teaching this age group is difficult or hard, but Mrs. Madrid said she likes junior high because the students get excited to take science and do different labs compared to in elementary school. She goes on to say, “. . . and of course, it’s junior high school, so they are really funny.” Mrs. Madrid loves to bake and some of her other hobbies include yoga, camping, and watching Dodgers baseball. Another fun fact about Mrs. Madrid is that Mr. O, a 7th grade science teacher here at Rio, was her 9th grade physical science teacher.

Mrs. Madrid was born in San Diego, California but moved to Santa Clarita in first grade. This is where she grew up, going to Santa Clarita Elementary, Arroyo Seco Junior High, and Saugus High School. Her husband is also a teacher at Valencia High School. Mrs. Madrid’s son is currently a junior there and her daughter is taking classes at College of the Canyons. They both went to Rio Norte at one point, as well.

Mrs. Madrid’s dog – Courtesy of Mrs. Madrid

Mrs. Madrid admits that she originally didn’t actually want to become a teacher. She was going to go into the medical or health field, but ended up switching to education. Mrs. Madrid said she actually likes 7th grade science a lot, but she got stuck with 8th grade. However, when asked what her favorite thing for 8th grade to teach was, she said, “I like chemical reactions because the students seem to enjoy it.” Lastly, a couple of inspirational quotes that Mrs. Madrid lives by are “Sprinkle everything you do with love and kindness” and “Always stay humble and kind”.

8th grader Jade Shields was asked what she likes about Mrs. Madrid and she said, “I like that she’s so open and funny, she has a good sense of humor.” Furthermore, 8th grader Ariana Reyes McCarthy stated, “One thing I like about Mrs. Madrid is that she is good at explaining and helping her students understand science lessons.”

If you have any questions or want to talk to Mrs. Madrid, you can email her at [email protected] or talk to her in room C-8!