Trick or Treat Spots


Courtesy of 6sqft

Kaitlyn Berg

With Halloween coming up everyones starting to plan what to do. Trick or treating is a major part of Halloween, but different places have different pros and cons. These are the most popular places students at Rio chose to go:

5.Saugus: Saugus was loved for its safeness, even though it’s far away. 8th grader, Carter Shabab claimed, “Saugus,          since there’s no sketchy houses.” 

4.West Creek: This was a fan favorite, mostly because it was close to where students lived. West Creek is also known for an amazing community, but mostly kids under 10 years old trick or treat there.

3.None: A somewhat popular approach was not going trick or treating at all. Some students saw more benefits in instead just buying candy, such as 8th grader Sam Gavutyan who said, “I buy candy I don’t go trick or treating, because you don’t have to share.”

2.Tesoro: Also close to Rio, Tesoro was the second most popular neighborhood. Students seemed to love Tesoro for its king sized candy bars. 8th grader Zane Karim said, “Tesoro is the best place, since it has king sized candy bars.”

1.West Hills: Really close to West Creek, West Hills wasn’t only loved for it’s location, but students claimed it had king sized candy bars like Tesoro. In general according to students West Hills was loved for being the best of all worlds, it’s close, has good candy, and is a calm neighborhood.

Lastly, no matter where you decide to go trick or treating, or if you don’t go at all make sure to celebrate Halloween with friends and family. Since, Halloween isn’t just about the candy or ghosts, but about the amazing memories you make.