Stormworks-Game Review


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Jonathan Armstrong

Stormworks is a vehicle-building game, an exploration game, a scenario game, and most importantly, an educational game. So what exactly is Stormworks, what is the storyline, and how educational is it? This will also cover the prices of the game.


So what is Stormworks? Stormworks is a vehicle-building game where you can build any sort of vehicle you want, ranging from submarines to semi-trucks to supersonic jets. You can play in three different modes, career, classic career, and custom. In this paragraph, I will cover custom and classic career game modes and cover career later on. So how does custom work? In custom, you can change settings and get infinite money, electricity, and fuel, along with teleporting and summoning various natural disasters. In classic career, you begin with a small tutorial before leaving you on your own to play the game and complete missions.


What is the storyline? So, in a nutshell, you own and manage a rescue service by yourself and complete missions like saving people or putting out fires. These missions are randomized and vary in difficulty, as you need specific vehicles to do each mission unless you create an all-in-one vehicle of course. But back to what career mode is. In career mode, you are given a starter boat to put out a fire and bring some injured people to a hospital, before the game leaves you on your own to manage your rescue service.


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Stormworks is very educational because of the realism of the game. Although the graphics follow a polygon style, the game is still very educational because it can teach kids and adults how diesel engines work, how nuclear and coal steam power works, along with working in tight situations to get something done. Because Stormworks is multiplayer, you can also work with friends to complete objectives and build teamwork at the same time.


So how much does Stormworks cost? The game has two DLCs, or downloadable content, along with the base game itself. The base game, which includes everything you need to begin, costs $24.99, but it goes on sale during some holidays. The first of the two DLCs, the weapons DLC, includes the ability to use the varying weapons and it comes with new AI for enemy units, and it only costs $9.99 to get that DLC. The industrial DLC includes a new 400km desert island and lots of new railways for trains to run on. The industrial DLC costs $8.99.


So Stormworks, the vehicle-building, educational, and scenario-filled game lets you build whatever you want, build teamwork, and learn realistic skills for only $24.99. Let’s build some crazy vehicles and create from infinity and beyond.