Lunch and Brunch Issue at Rio


Courtesy of Kaitlyn Berg

Kaitlyn Berg

The lunch line is a necessary part of lunch and brunch, however it doesn’t allow kids to get their food efficiently. The line is extremely long and as soon as the bell rings kids race to get in line. There is a total of five lines, four to the right of the stage and one next to the MPR, but is this amount really enough for 1,153 kids? On a daily basis kids sprint to the lunch line to get to the front because the lines tend to stretch all the way to the grassy areas near the quad, and some students have even gotten injured. Not only is it just affecting the kids racing to the line, but it also effects the kids walking to their table. These kids get quickly surrounded by sprinting students which can easily trigger anxiety and kids might even get trampled.

There are many different solutions aswell. For example, 8th grader Ainslie Mueller said, “The lines are really long, maybe they could have separate lines depending on what meal you want that way you wouldn’t have to spend time telling them what you want.” 8th grade teacher Mrs. Shaw said, “The lines are very long and we don’t have that much time for lunch. Lunch could be longer in order to accommodate the long lunch line or they could  offer separate lunch carts in the quad with to go foods.”

Campus supervisor, James Briano also said, “A campus supervisor should be supervising the line at all times since lots of kids cut the line. The ladies do an amazing job and the students are really fortunate because it’s really good food. I also think it’s more challenging on Wednesdays. I’m not sure what the solution is to the long lines are, but students should be thankful.” Another campus supervisor Tim Pennell said, “The line is long, and I think it needs to go quicker. I also think it’s the longest on Fridays and the shortest on Wednesdays, especially during brunch.” PE teacher, Mr. Burelson also expressed his feelings on the lunch line, “I think you gotta have the lunch line, so there’s not a food fight or something. I also think it helps the school a lot when no one cuts, I mean you should always be respecting everyone.”

Another problem that arises, might be the lunch itself, the school lunch is really good, but is it meeting the student’s nutritional needs? Zane Karim, a 8th grade student here at Rio said, “Sometimes I get both, it doesn’t taste that good though. I also think the food is definitely not healthy for you.” Another 8th grader, Dreavyn Martin said,” Sometimes I get brunch, it’s easier to take food from home though so I don’t have to wait in the long line.” 

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