Star Wars Planets


Courtesy of Devian Art

Jack Savalas

From Hoth to Mustafar, Star Wars planets range from the most remote planets like Exegol, to largely populated cities that take over the entire planet like Coruscant.

The Star Wars planets leave people with many unanswered questions including What are some interesting planets in Star Wars? What are the most populated planets in Star Wars? What is the biggest planet in Star Wars? What is the smallest planet in Star Wars?

Some interesting planets in Star Wars in my opinion are Hoth, the coldest planet in the Star Wars universe at -364 degrees Fahrenheit appearing in Episode 5, The Empire Strikes Back. Kessel is a planet appearing in the Han Solo movie that is based on mining spices. Tatooine, appearing in Episode 4, A New Hope resides in one of the most popular cities Mos Eisley and a popular bar called the Cantina where lots of space criminals and smugglers go to have a drink. And lastly, Mustafar, a mysterious lava planet at a very hot 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit that droids mine lava rocks and is also where Darth Vader’s Castle is located.

Courtesy of Devian Art

The most populated planet in Star Wars is Coruscant with an unbelievably large population of around 2 trillion. This planet definitely takes the spot because this planet is just one giant mega-city that has a WAY bigger population than Earth but is roughly the same size with 12,242 kilometers.

The biggest planet in Star Wars is Yavin Prime in the Gordian Reach sector in the Yavin System which has twenty-six moons and is about 200,000 kilometers, that’s COLOSSAL compared to Earth. This planet is not habitable because it is a red gas giant with a liquid surface, although it does have a space habitat orbiting the planet called the Victory Station. One thing that is interesting about the Yavin system is that it does have the Rebel Base on one of its moons called Yavin Four.

Courtesy of Devian Art

The smallest planet in Star Wars is, surprisingly, Endor in the Endor System at 4,900 kilometers, WAY smaller than our Earth which is around 12,000 kilometers. Lots of people thought Endor was a big planet, but according to the size in kilometers, Endor is way smaller than all the other planets. One interesting fact about Endor is its population, this planet accompanies many Ewoks, about 7,500,000,000 of them, and that’s a crazy number for these tiny furry creatures.

All the different planets in Star Wars can be confusing throughout the series. But all planets, big and small, are very interesting to me and I hope they are interesting to you too. Thank you for reading my article.