Popular Shoes at Rio


Courtesy of Maddie Pawlak

Maddie Pawlak

There are many different brands of shoes. At Rio Norte Junior High the top shoes you would see are High Top Converses and Jordans. Rio Norte students like these because High Top Converse are perfect for everyday wear and will become super trendy in 2022. Depending on the color, they also may be easy to match with the clothes they have on. Jordans also offer high-quality performance, great comfort, and support.

Courtesy of Max Rex

According to Rio Norte, Student Dylan Geckler said, “ I think the most popular girl shoes are the High Top Converse.” High Top Converse are $39.99-$79.99. Converse sells more than 270,000 pairs of Chuck Taylors every day. That means that the brand sells just over three pairs of Chuck Taylors per second, or around 100 million a year. The style first became popular in 1917 with Converse’s release of the Chuck Taylor All Star. High Top Converse sell in many different colors like white, pink, black, green, red, and blue.You can even design your own High Tops. High top Converse were known as basketball shoes in around 1917, and are good for running short distances of no more than 2 miles, and because of the canvas material lasts for a very long tim

Jordans are around 100-200 dollars. Jordans are expensive because it takes more time and money to manufacture products with high-quality materials than it does with low-quality materials. Posted sales of $4.7 billion in fiscal 2021 alone, an increase of 31 percent. While the Air Jordan 1 got recognition when it first launched in 1984-1985, Jordan himself initially wanted to sign with either Adidas or Converse. According to Micheal Katchikian he thinks the most popular boy shoes at Rio are Jordans. Jordans come in many different colors like white, black, red, green, blue, purple, and gray. The biggest reason why the Air Jordan sneakers are popular and why people continue to buy them is because they offer high-quality performance products.