6 Sports You’ve Never Heard Of

6 Sports Youve Never Heard Of

You may have heard of “normal” sports like football, soccer, and basketball, but we’re sure you have not heard of these interesting sports to get rid of your boredom such as, underwater torpedo, speed skating, soapbox racing, jousting and more. 

Speed Skating

Have you ever heard of Speed Skating? Speed Skating is skating on ice while racing. It was invented in 1863 in Oslo, Norway, and  is a competitive Olympic sport. Speed skating can also be on roller blades in the Summer Olympics, that’s called Roller Speed Skating. 

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Red Bull Soapbox Racing

Beginning in 2000 in Belgium, the Red Bull Soapbox Racing community has raced over 100 times worldwide. Soapbox Racing is when you get on motorless carts and go down hills with obstacles and jumps. Even with small wheels, they have reached up to 112 km/h. After asking Mrs. Carrizales about starting a tournament for Soapbox Racing, she answered “No, I don’t know the details to host a tournament.”  “No, I am too busy and I have better hobbies to do.” answered eighth grader Riley Josett after being asked if she would join a tournament at school. Despite these answers, Soapbox Racing is still very popular with  styles including Lego, Transformers, and spaceships. For more info go to: Red Bull Soapbox Racing.

Underwater Torpedos

Did you ever play with underwater torpedoes as a kid? Well guess what, it’s actually a sport. Underwater torpedo started in 2017. The goal of the game is to move the torpedo to the goal without getting a foul. There are three rounds in a game and the team that reaches five points wins. When asked if 7th grader, Hailey Woodruff knew about Underwater Torpedo, Hailey said, “No, I don’t know what that is.”


Imagine a man with a spear, coming at you at 30 mph on a horse. If you like excitement, thrill, and adrenaline, then jousting is the sport for you. Jousting lasted between the 11th to 16th century during the European medieval period. The knights were called jousters and had to wear a full set of armor so they did not get killed. The horses that knights rode on were called chargers and had to have a strong physique. The death of King Henry IIled to the ban on jousting in the 17th century. Jousting is rarely played today 

Camel Jumping

Wow, they can jump as high as a camel! That was a simile, but camel jumping is a real thing. In the dese

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rts of Yemen, people compete to see how many camels they can leap over. This might not be a sport you can do in your backyard, but it might be fun to watch in person or on the TV at home. When asked about Camel Jumping, Mr. Burleson said, “No, I’ve never heard of that.” He also estimated a professional could jump over about 6 camels, which is right.

Cheese Rolling

Have you ever wondered what one of the weirdest sports may be? You don’t have to look too hard after finding out about cheese rolling. Cheese rolling is a sport in South West England where people from all over run down Cooper’s hill, chasing a round of Double Gluecoaster cheese. The exact origin of the sport is unknown, but it’s assumed to have started as early as the 1800s. Some believe that the sport of cheese rolling went as far back as the ancient Romans, who had a fort on Cooper’s Hill, a hill where cheese rolling takes place every year during the Spring. A student was asked questions about the sport. When asked if she would do Cheese Rolling, Ainslie Mueller said, “No, because I feel like I would trip 50 times going down the hill.’’


In conclusion, there’s many sports out there you probably have never heard of. However, no matter what sport you’re playing it should provide lots of enjoyment, entertainment, and good exercise. Sports play a crucial part in everyone’s life and it’s important for your physical and mental health.