Staff Spotlight – Mrs. Bennett


Courtesy of Crystal Tung

Rio Norte’s new principal, Mrs. Bennett, is a very respectable person. She goes around school and in classrooms to say hello to the students and always walks around campus with a smile on her face. When students see her, she gives them a nice smile and a friendly wave. So far she is an amazing principal and an asset to our campus.

In college, Mrs. Bennett wanted to be a child psychologist. One day, it came to her that she did not want to help one kid, but many more., but many more. She loved her 11th grade US history teacher and felt that she could talk to them comfortably. Then, from continuously talking with and getting advice from her history teacher, she started to develop a passion to teach kids and specifically history. When she was teaching 7th and 8th grade history she realized that she could help even more children if she became an assistant principal. She mainly wanted to be an assistant principal because she loved to help kids grow and guide them to learn positive skills that will help them all throughout their lives. The more she did this, the more she learned about the environment of a great school. She eventually felt that she would always work with students, staff, and parents to help them grow and in the process help herself learn more about being a principal.

Mrs. Bennett enjoys helping kids through the mistakes they make and guides them to grow and learn positive skills for the future ahead of them. As Mrs. Bennett said, “It’s hard to navigate junior high sometimes and I like helping people do that.” This is what makes Mrs. Bennett a great principal. She cares about her students and knows how hard junior high can be.

Rio Norte has a very unique new principal in its very unique society. Mrs. Bennett has worked very hard as a history teacher and will do the same as a principal to help students, staff and parents grow as key components to our school. If you want to contact Mrs. Bennett, email her at [email protected] or visit her in her office during school hours. After all, her goal is to help both children and adults find their purpose in life!