4 Toys that are Worth More than Your Allowance

Sahasra Ponnuswamy

Toys are a child’s world when they are younger, but as people grow up the toys they used to play with and bring everywhere are only a distant memory. For those who still have their childhood playthings, they may not know that the dolls in your attic or the stuffed animals in your grandparents” houses may not just be memorable but valuable. Some toys that used to be a mere penny’s worth are now worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

 1. The 1959 Vintage Barbie in a Swimsuit

Even though the replicas cost only about 20-100 dollars, the original Barbie can be worth up to a whopping 20,000 dollars! This doll is valued as a collector’s item rather than a doll. Due to its older model, this miniature blonde isn’t going to fit into the clothes of today’s Mattel Barbie merchandise, but that motivates people to sew and create new clothes for the doll. Not so bad for a doll that sold for3 dollars 63 years ago.

2. The Pink Hotwheels Van

Unlike the usual race cars produced by Mattel, the bright pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb Van didn’t ride well on the tracks. Not too long after the company realized this, the model was soon discontinued. This van is very different from the Hotwheels cars we know today. The creation of the Volkswagen van was thought of right down to the last detail. The car even has surfboards sticking out in the back! To this day only two of these toys have been discovered, one of them being sold for a whopping 72,000 dollars! This just proves that many never outgrow their childhood memories. 

3. The Pokemon Pikachu Illustrator Card

The Pokemon card trading game rose to popularity in January of 1999. It still remains a popular game and oftentimes a collector’s item. This Pikachu card is the rarest card of all. For all of you Pokemon lovers out there this card even has a double star. Once you throw in the fact that only 6 of these cards were made, this card is fully eligible to be one of the rarest trading cards in the world.

4. Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies are the original version of Beanie Boos. Even though these stuffed bears are still being manufactured, the older and much rarer bears are more valuable. The most expensive individual bear is Princess, a bear created in memory of Princess Diana. This bear is worth about 475,000 dollars. It has a dark blue/purplish body with a white rose on its chest. This bear was created to persuade people to contribute to Princess Diana’s memorial fund.

Another Ty production that is worth a lot today is Large Wallace and his Squad. He and his squad are worth 600,000 dollars! There are many other valuable Beanie Babies including Peanut the Blue Elephant, Humphrey the Camel, Claude the Crab, and more.

These are just a few of the many toys that are worth some dough. More toys like this are the kind of creepy Furby, old cabbage patch dolls, American Girl Doll Molly, and more. Toys like these prove the power of childhood memories. Also, they are a win-win for the person selling the doll and the buyer. The buyer gets to possibly reminisce about their old childhood memories, while the buyer can enjoy the money they were given. Many celebrities collect toys and maybe specific ones, Johnny Depp, a famous actor, musician, etc being among them. According to cheatsheet.com, “It wasn’t about collecting them at first, though. Depp often talks about how he used to play with his daughter Lily-Rose and began using the Barbies to test out character voices. As she grew older, she no longer wanted to play with them, but he just couldn’t bring himself to get rid of them”. To conclude, toys are valuable to buyers, people who played with them as children, and even celebrities too. You better get to looking through your parents’ old things now!