MSCHF Getting Sued


Courtesy of Women’s Wear Daily

Crue Redfern

There is a new lawsuit by Vans against the brand MSCHF. The reason for this is because MSCHF made a new shoe and it looks like the vans “Old Skool” silhouette. It’s a collaboration with the american rapper “Tyga”, the shoe features a warped and wavy version of the “Old Skool” vans shoes. They are called “Wavy Baby”

The lawsuit claims false designation of origin and unfair competition, in addition to trademark dilution. The number of violations extends to MSCHF’s copying of Vans’ trademarks with the shoe design, advertising and packaging. The shoes are called “Wavy Baby ” and this is not MSCHF’s first bizarre shoe design, they’re pretty much known for their weird shoes. MSCHF has gotten sued for past projects. For example, their Satanic shoes with Lil Nas X. This shoe was $1018 and was a Satan themed Air Max 97’. The shoe had human blood in the soles of the shoe.

Courtesy of MSCF

The Wavy Baby shoes are retailed at $220 and they were released on Monday, April 18. The website MSCHF has all the weird shoes on it. The shoes include the following: “Jesus Shoes”, “Satan Shoes”, “TAP3,” and the “Wavy Baby.” The prices on all of these shoes go from $220 to $1018. Many people at Rio Norte have heard of the brand MSCHF or the new Wavy Baby shoes. Here’s what some of them have to say. Carson Caldaronello an 8th grader at Rio says this “They’re a weird company for real” Dasen Rogers, a 7th grader at Rio says “This company is wild.”