Scammer Calls


Courtesy of Digital Trends

Trevor Lesaca

Needing to give gift cards to pay back an amount of money? You my good sir or ma’am are getting scammed. Scammer calls will try to take information from you in many ways. Scammers will ask for your personal information like your social security number or passwords to take control of your accounts and possibly find your IP address. With this personal information that they have taken, they’ll be able to access your bank account, purchase expensive items under your name and can also put viruses in your phone.

There are many ways to identify a scammer. Some of them happen to be trying to gain your trust through different sources like Amazon or maybe a VPN network and any site that looks trustworthy. Maybe they’ll get emotionally involved and act sad referring to you like a “mom” or a “brother.” Another common scam includes paying you an amount of money over the actual amount of money they wanted to pay and because of this “mistake” they ask you to pay back the amount of money they overpaid in gift cards. Now it may sound really serious but it’s not. Sometimes they force you to pay them in a way that it looks like the U.S Government is calling you. As it does look like a legitimate Government call it’s not because the Government doesn’t call you. They’ll probably try to force you to do it saying that the FBI will come and arrest you but simply just hang up or don’t answer at all.

There is no specific scam company but they use ways in which a familiar email or a Walmart call which is called “Phishing”. Most of the calls are focused on older people in which they take advantage of and make them lose most of their money. When you get that “phone call” make sure that it’s the real deal.