Open House at Rio Norte


Courtesy of Smera Arun

Smera Arun

There are many different events that take place here at Rio Norte, but one of the most interesting just might be our Open House. Rio Norte’s Open house took place on April 28 of this year, where parents came to school and saw what their children have been doing in class, along with meeting the teachers. There are many different things to look forward to at the Open house. In fact, some teachers even prepare special presentations or activities for the people who attend. Mr. Burleson, P.E teacher here at Rio Norte states that he set up ping pong, disc golf, and the river hawk walk video for parents and students to enjoy. He says that his favorite part about Open house is, “meeting students’ families, and showing them P.E activities.” 


Of course, P.E isn’t the only class that will show parents a little bit about what students do every day. Mrs. Mandel, 7th grade math teacher at Rio had set up an accelerated math problem for students and parents to solve together, while Mr. O, 7th grade science teacher set up a , “Lollipop moment.” In other words, he set out a box of lollipops with some inspiring notes to give to friends, family, and teachers!


Open House is definitely an amazing experience, for both teachers, and parents. 7th grade English teacher Mr. Maradkel, says that his favorite part about this event is, “Celebrating student accomplishments and meeting parents,” while Mr. O says that he enjoys meeting the parents of his students. Open House started at 6:00 and ended at 7:30, and it was definitely an amazing opportunity to see what goes on at Rio Norte!