Why Certain Crops Taste Bad in Certain Seasons


Courtesy of California.com

Carson Caldaronello

Have you ever noticed that more of certain crops are sold in certain seasons? This is because some crops need different types of soil and weather. Peaches grow all year but they’re best in the summer in the hot air with the warm, more dry soil in the southeast of America in places like Georgia. The roots of the plant just enjoy the nice weather. The peaches get hard and lighter colored when picked in the winter.

The plants also need pesticides in different seasons to get protection from harmful bugs. Mealybugs are a large concern during the winter. They suck sap from plants and create honeydew- a shiny, sticky substance that gets stuck on the leaves and eventually kills the plant. There are pesticides for it, but it makes the crop have a weird taste. The taste is sour and bitter.

There are many benefits to eating fruits and vegetables while they are in season. Obviously, your food will taste better. It is also healthier, There are less bugs to ruin the crops and make it unhealthy. Also, the price of crops usually goes down because farmers are selling more crops because they grow better in season. Crops that are in season are usually more abundant than normal so they don’t need to charge as much.

Fruits and veggies are very good for you, but it is even better to eat them in season.