How People are Helping Ukraine (And How You Can Help)


Courtesy of Crystal Tung

Crystal Tung

On Thursday February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine after being on the verge of war for years. While this event has been traumatic for many, it has also united a lot of people around the world. People have done many things to help with this crisis. Here are some things that people have done to help Ukraine, and what you can do to help. 


One thing that many people have been doing in light of recent events is giving donations. These donations have come in many different forms, from money to food. At Valencia High School, students have organized a drive to send supplies to Ukraine.  Websites and companies such as Airbnb, Convoy of Hope, and Care are some of the many other fundraisers that were made to help Ukraine. If you want a full list of fundraisers and companies that are helping Ukraine, click here.


Another way that you can help is by protesting. While it may not seem like much, it does help contribute to those in Ukraine by showing that you support them. One example of this is when a group of people from Santa Clarita expressed their support and raised funds for Ukraine on March 19, 2022. In addition, people around the world have been staging mass protests against Russia. 

Courtesy of Crystal, BBC, and Bored Panda


One other way that people have been showing their support is by making art. Many people have been making art and posting them online to show their support for Ukraine. Other more bold artists are making their art a little more permanent by making street art. It may seem like a small act, but it shows Ukranians that you support them, and to them, it means a lot.

Other Small Things that You Can Do:

When asked about how he wants people to help his country,  8th grader Ihor said, “Bring [donate] money and food to Ukraine. [You] can bring them clothes for Ukrainian people in need. ” Other small things that you can do are wearing blue and yellow or adding little touches of blue and yellow throughout your house. These small things include using blue and yellow sticky notes or adding a touch of these to colors into your outfit, like wearing a blue or yellow bow or blue and yellow socks. Blue and Yellow are the colors of the Ukrainian flag, and subconsciously adding those colors to your daily life is a way to show your support to Ukraine. 

While this tragic event has shaken many people’s lives and is taking many others, we can show these people that they are not going through this alone. We can show them that we care about and support them through these difficult times.