Scientists have been able to make Jurassic Park a reality*


Courtesy of the Independent

Kaitlyn Berg

On January 27, a remarkable discovery was found: scientists were able to create the Monolophosaurus. The Monolophaurus is an extinct dinosaur, and scientists were able to create a version of it. The dinosaur they created was adapted to the environment today. Ever since then they were able to create a total of 6 other extinct creatures, and are working on creating even more. These 6 are the Dilophosaurus, Arthroleura, Microraptor, Ankylosaurus, Triceratops, and the Pacheyphalosaurus. By combining unknown genes Dr. Adams, or John Adam and Dr. Smith or Julia Smith are responsible for bringing back these amazing animals.
The location of this is unknown, but the government has already taken control of the situation, along with the 2 main scientists the government has offered 27 specialists. They have also removed all evidence, but some people have said that they are attempting to domesticate some of the creatures, and in 2 to 3 years people might be able to visit if all goes well.
The Monolosaurus, the first creature they managed to create, can weigh an average of 1000 pounds and an average of 18 ft tall. The Monolosaurus is a carnivore, and scientists are giving it cows, horses, buffalo, and Gazelle.
The 2nd creature, or the Dilophosaurus a fast, meat eating dinosaur. They can run 20 mph and on average weighs 880 pounds and on average is 6 feet tall.
The 3rd creature they created was the Arthroleura, a giant centipede that lived about 320-299 million years agoThis arthropods usually roamed the land, but due to its new genes it can now go in the water. It’s the length of a car and can stand up to be even taller than a human.
The 4th creature is the Microraptor, the microraptor is a small 4 winged creature. The microraptor lacked the muscles for ground take-off and couldn’t get a running start, but could fly between tree tops.
The Ankylosaurus is the 5th creature, this creature is an armored dinosaur. Scientists predict that this creature was strong enough to survive a shot from a small pistol. The Ankylosaurus’s legs were so short he was too low to the ground to be flipped over from a T-rex.
The 6th creature was the Triceratops, a very popular and well-known dinosaur. The Triceratops is a herbivorous creature. Scientists say that a Triceratops would actually beat a T-rex in a fight, since the Triceratops could knock the T-rex over making it vulnerable.
The last creature is the Pacheyphalosaurus, this creature is a large and unusual dinosaur because of its head. Its head was a dome like skull with a bone coming out, making it the dinosaur with the strongest head.
7th grader, Isabelle Bett said, “ I think it’s so cool and unbelievable scientists have been able to create these Dinosaurs.”