Circle K is Closing*

Photo Courtesy of:

McKenna Moon

     Circle K is sadly closing after about 4 in business. It was originally built in 2018 and is now closing in 2022. It is closing because of the student damage and vandalism that has been occurring to the building. The main income comes from  Rio students who come to Circle K after school, so they have no choice but to close completely.

     Circle K is known for their beverages that are fit for energizing, satisfying, cooling down or just quenching your thirst. They also have food options too. Whether it is for on-the-go, treat time, lunch time or  anywhere in between.  Circle K supplies the daily necessities for your fridge, friends, daily usage products, etc… One stop at Circle K and you would be ready to conquer the day! Unfortunately with Circle K closing, Havana Savannah doubts that they can maintain the after-school rush or another convenience store will open up right around the corner.


Photo Courtesy of: McKenna Moon

Madyson Torri, 8th grader, states, “I went to Circle K everyday after school since I first came to Rio Norte. The news of its closing is really sad. I have seen students vandalizing the building and breaking the soda machines but I never thought that it was that bad.” 

     Circle K has been bought by a man by the name of Ben Lotter. He said this at a recent conference for the city of Santa Clarita, “For those of you who don’t know me, I am Ben Lotter. I am here to announce that I am  putting in an Auto-Zone tire store in place of Circle K.  Hopefully having a non-student-friendly store will eliminate the risk of any further student damage.” As presented in the meeting, he is planning to start re-modeling the 4th of April and officially close the 1st of April.


April Fools!! Any content that is included in this article is satire. Circle K will still be functioning in its normal hours and will hopefully remain open for another 4 years! Rio students can still get their weekly Polar Pop slushie fix at our local Circle K store.