Best Six Flag Rides


Courtesy of Tali

Tali Cooper

Just 4.5 miles away from our school Rio Norte Jr. High is Six Flags Magic Mountain. This is where many people including 7th and 8th graders go to ride awesome roller coasters or hang out with their friends. There are many rides at Magic Mountain where people can have a great time together. But which coasters are the very best and which are most favored by kids at Rio?

From a survey with 67 people here at Rio Norte, the top roller coaster was X2, with 16 votes. Goliath, Twisted Colossus, and Tatsu with 14 votes. Crazanity was also up there along with Superman and Scream. The students in the survey mainly went a couple of times a month. A few said they’ve never been, and some said they usually only go during summer break.

When 7th grader Peyton Nelson was asked what her favorite ride at Six Flags was, she claimed that she loved Crazanity. She said, “Just because it’s fun!” Additionally, Sophie Lewis in 7th grade says she likes Ninja. Sophie states that she hasn’t been in a while but says, “That was like the first major ride I’ve been on.” 7th grader Cassady Snowden, when asked said that her favorite rides there are Crazanity, Riddler’s Revenge, and Scream. Lastly, our secretary here at Rio, Mrs. Hudson says, “Tatsu…because it feels like I’m flying.”

Overall, Magic Mountain is a really good place to go if you’re just bored or you want to spend quality time with friends. Even if you don’t like heights or the feeling of your stomach dropping, they have smaller roller coasters too. They also have bumper cars, the scrambler, carnival games that you can play for prizes, and more activities that aren’t coasters but still are fan favorites! So go ahead and spend some time with your friends and family at this awesome theme park.