Presidents Day

Presidents Day

Jacob Cuares

As February ends, it’s important to look at past events, one being Presidents day.  As most of us know, we had a 4 day weekend that started back on February 21, but not many know that we actually had those days off because of President’s day, and not many people know the origins, history, and importance of Presidents day.

According to Presidents Day is a federal holiday established in 1885, and is always on the third Monday of February. (February 21) President’s Day was created in honor of the 1st and 16th presidents, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln. However, it is highly understood as a day to celebrate the lives and birthdays of every president despite the fact that two other presidents have a birthday in February including Ronald Reagan and William Harrison. Presidents day is also a day typically known as a day of patriotic remembrance.

George Washington’s birthday has been unofficially celebrated since the 1790s which was a few months after he became president and a few years after the American Revolutionary war. However, it was only in 1879, a few years after Abraham Lincoln became president in 1860, that it was officially declared a federal holiday, and labeled “President’s Day” by congress. 

However, how does this relate to Rio Norte? When Rio Norte 7th grader Max Littlefield was asked what the 4 day weekend was for about 1 week ago at the time, he has also stated “I previously did not know what the 4 day weekend was before, I honestly think that the story behind Presidents day is really cool, I think it’s important that people know why we actually have these days off.” As he has said, it is important that students know why we can have these days off, not only does it teach students about history, but it also helps students understand, and celebrate these special, important events.

Presidents day has a big story behind it that many people didn’t know. However, this doesn’t just relate to president’s day. Many other important days have big stories behind them that are not well known, so the next time you get a day off you should reflect on it and think about it more than just a day off, and if you can’t reflect back on it, we can at least remember and celebrate these days.