Mask Mandate dropped by the 11th of March


Courtesy of Akron Children’s Hospital

Maddox Ramirez

Mandatory masks in LA county are going away after March 11th. 

Masks will no longer be mandatory in schools k-12. After at least 10 months, masks will be optional. Even though masks will not be mandatory, they are still recommended. So far, test positivity has dropped 3%. 

Governor Gavin Newsom joined the governors of Oregon and Washington to announce the states would be strongly recommending masking instead of mandating them. According to, “The LA county doesn’t want to drop mask requirements until the county reaches a moderate transmission rate of under 50 new cases a week per 100,000 people. 

Covid cases have dropped 50% statewide throughout the past few weeks. According to,  “Over 1,000 school districts face making their own decisions on when to take that step, contingent on things such as county health orders and labor agreements.” This means that schools are faced with having masks be mandatory or just recommended. 

Some school districts in the US are not changing their rules about masks being mandatory. One of these districts is the San Diego Unified School District. The San Diego Unified School District said they are not going to change their indoor mask requirement.