Jobs at a Younger Age

Courtesy of Chicago Tribune

Courtesy of Chicago Tribune

Gabriel Navarro

Most students in high school don’t even consider getting a summer job because they want to relax. But for the people who want to be productive and like having some spare dollars in their pockets this article is for you. Everyone likes the feeling when they have their own money they’ve worked for, and for some people it gives them a sense of purpose. Is having a job two much of a hassle and not worth the effort, or is it way more beneficial towards your lifestyle and overall life?

First of all, we need to establish the fact that most teenagers in high school spend their summer relaxing, or going out with friends. The responsibility really isn’t there yet so most students don’t even give it a chance. But the few who have a lot of responsibility and want to be productive will get a job. 70% of high school students do not have a job. Most of the time students get a job for financial reasons, but it is always smart to get a job to have some money stored after high school.

Secondly, you can learn important lessons like money budgeting or how to get a job in the first place. Jobs can teach respect, hour management and good working habits before you graduate high school. It’s very much worth it to also save the money you earned to be able to support yourself. Most teenagers rely on their parents to pay for them, but this reliance can hurt your life responsibilities. Having the experience and money before leaving high school can be life changing. Though it is unlikely, you may even pay for college in loans if you already have cash.

Some people might say getting a job can put too much stress on the teens ,and ruin their time as a teen. But according to the Waldens University,”it can build confidence. Holding down a job can make students feel more capable than they might otherwise feel. Some jobs can help you manage your money and can also help your lifestyle too in healthy ways. But, what job is the best for 17 years olds and 16 year olds. One job that I have managed to find is Taco Bell or an average employee there. According to, thepay can range from 16 dollars an hour to 21 a hour ,and can give benefits like health insurance and discounted lunch. You have to work part time meaning a couple hours a week to 35 hours a week depending on the location. Some reviews say the job is hard to grip at first but easy once you get the hang of it.

Another job which you can get in California is being an Economic assistant at the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The job pays 19.90$ a hour to 25.87$ a hour ,and provides 16 to 35 hours a week part time. The job requires a driver’s license and also can be worked from home. The reviews are amazing and they are hiring teens right now. The environment might require you to drive to certain places but is overall a job most people reviewed to be easy for beginners.

Some tips to land a job or do good at a interview are
Do not slouch in your seat and look lazy
Always dress appropriately in nice clothing for a interview
Be kind and understanding of criticism and be mindful of the job you are working for
Try to make yourself stand out from an average worker ,and try your best to impress your supervisor by working hard or knowing a lot of information about the company.
Try to have the best attitude and manners at a interview and try to always maintain eye contact with the interviewer

But why would Rio Norte students care about these jobs?. Most of us are 13 right now and in only 3 years we can get a job in highschool. This article might expand your train of thought on the topic and maybe even help you decide what you want to do or work for. Aiden Lee, a seventh grader, stated” Getting a job when you are 16,17,or 18 is very important for success. You can learn how to manage your time and your job hours to match school. Jobs can also help you have some cash in your pocket for student tuition and loans”.
Learning the world around you is very important to success ,and understanding it sooner is better than later. For success you must be willing to give up your free time and work while you have less problems. In conclusion, getting a summer job is more beneficial than harmful to teenagers looking to do something productive in their spare time.