Top 3 New Netflix Movies


Leila Barton


The rise of Netflix’s monthly fee going up last month also came with dozens of new shows and movies. Netflix’s top lists have been improving and changing ever since the entertainment dump where new shows and movies were uploaded. There are many movies and TV shows on Netflix, a popular entertainment platform. According to, the top 3 new and most popular movies are The Royal Treatment, Home Team, and Don’t Look Up.

The Royal Treatment

The most popular movie last month was The Royal Treatment, starring Laura Marie Mariano who some of you might know as Ally from the Disney show Austin and Ally.  Mariano plays a bubbly hairdresser, Isabella who is from New York is extremely family oriented. Her one dream is to travel the world. She has been saving up forever, but all that money goes away after one accident. After she and her family think her dream is over, an unexpected guest changes that for her. With just one deal came a whole new lifestyle and a ton of romance! She meets amazing people and her life changes for the better. 

Home Team

The second most-watched movie on Netflix is Home Team, starring comedian and actor, Kevin James. He was the New Orleans Saints coach in 2012.  He was accused of paying his players to injure other players and was suspended for a year. He takes this time to go back to his hometown and reconnect with his 12-year-old son. While home, he finds himself coaching his son’s football team. Even though this movie is mostly filled with comedy, viewers can definitely learn some life lessons. Even when the team is still at their lowest they still manage to have fun with each other.

Don’t Look Up

Don’t Look Up is a film that was published in December 2021, but blew up in February 2022. Don’t Look Up got viewers’ attention part of which is because of the celebs starring in the movie. For example, Leonardo DeCaprio is the lead in the movie, playing a professor. Ariana Grande, an American singer, songwriter, and actor along with Timothee Chalamet an American actor was also in Don’t Look Up with many other popular actors. Even though the stars who are in the movie might have caught others’ eyes, the plot was also a big part of why it is included in the top 3. Don’t Look Up is about an astronomy candidate and her professor who find an unknown comet coming towards earth. They find that they only have 6 months until a comet as big as what took the dinosaurs out, will destroy the earth. They later try to alert the world, but nobody takes it seriously, including the president. It shows how society doesn’t realize these serious things and only shows interest in internet breakups and influencers’ lives. It relates to real-life times and how society acts.