What is the Best Girl Scout Cookie?


Ariana Reyes McCarthy


It’s that time of year again, Girl Scout cookie season! Girl Scout troops are going door to door and setting up booths in front of your local supermarket, selling these springtime treats. By buying these cookies you’re helping “girls’ learn, grow, and thrive through adventure” according to the Girl Scout website. There are nine different cookies that are available to buy in Santa Clarita.

Girl Scout cookies are sold from January through April. Although Girl Scouts are well known for selling their cookies they also sell a variety of other products throughout the year. This includes nuts, popcorn, candy, and chocolate. Girl Scout treats have a variety of different types, and with that variety comes various allergies.

With nine Girl Scout cookie flavors to choose from in Santa Clarita, there are few that are allergen-free. Vegan options include fan favorites such as thin mints and tagalong cookies. A gluten-free option is “Toffee Tastics.” Although there is not a large selection of allergen-free cookies, these choices are still quite popular among fans. With all of these options available, which is the best of them all?

Although Americans can hardly agree on their favorite Girl Scout cookie, everyone agrees that they love these sweet treats. In a recent poll by YouGov, approximately 79% of Americans have a preferred Girl Scout cookie. But the top cookie turned out to be thin mints! Out of the 79% of people surveyed, 24% agreed that thin mints were the best Girl Scout cookie. Many people enjoy this treat because of its texture. 7th grader Erin Perez agrees with this, “Thin mints are my favorite because I love the texture.” Another fan favorite throughout America is Samoas! Most believe that this is a top-tiered Girl Scout cookie because of its “unbeatable” texture. According to 7th grader Chloe Acoba, “Samoas are the best because chocolate and caramel are the perfect combination.” Samoa fans and Thin Mint lovers are a part of the highest-tiered Girl Scout cookies in America. Both of these cookies are ranked so high because of their amazing textures, and most importantly, their outstanding flavors.

When most people think about Girl Scout cookies, some cookies aren’t the first that come to mind. The least favorited cookies according to YouGov were “Do-si-dos” and “Toffee Tastics.” If you’re a lover of these cookies you are part of the minority, approximately 5% of Americans favored these cookies.  Despite these cookies being some of the lowest tiered Girl Scout cookies in America, that 5% still stands by their choices. Vice-principal Ms. August states, “Do-si-dos are one of my favorites because I love everything peanut butter!” Despite your Girl Scout cookie preferences, the majority of Americans can all agree that these springtime treats are a necessity! 

So what is the best Girl Scout cookie? Well according to the statistics and Rio it’s “Thin Mints” and “Samoas”, proving the ranking of these wonderful cookies. Although everyone has their own preferences on what they believe to be the best Girl Scout cookie, most can agree that these springtime cookies are unbeatable.