Former Hart High School Student Heads to Superbowl


Courtesy of Cincy Jungle

Jacob Cuares

American football is really important in the US and with one of the biggest football events coming up, football is getting more attention than ever. However, football wouldn’t be the same without the players. One player, Trenton Irwin, is a 26 year old male and plays as a wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, and actually previously went to Hart High School. 


Trent Irwin’s story from going from playing high school football to playing with the Bengals.he is very inspiring to many students, including Rio Norte 7th grader Justin Paredez. Justin Paredez has stated that “I think that it is very cool that a student just like one of us can make it from high school football to college.” In response to the question “What are your thoughts on Trent Irwin?” He has also stated that “Although I haven’t ever thought about playing any other sport professionally, I’ve always been interested in sports and I think it’s inspiring that someone with a passion for sports can make it all the way to the superbowl.” In response to the question “Are you inspired by his story?”


Trent Irwin went to  Hart High School here in Santa Clarita which is his hometown where he played a lot of football. Later when he graduated he decided to go to college at Stanford where he would continue playing football until he later got drafted by the Miami Dolphins in 2019. He played for a few months then was released and later signed with the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals would go against the Rams on 2/13/21. However, Trent Irwin was labeled inactive and would not play in the superbowl.


Although Trent Irwin was not able to play in the superbowl, his story is very inspiring and goes to show how any student just like us can do anything. His hard work and dedication can be an inspiration to any person, not just a sports enthusiast. His story shows how even someone with just a small passion for something can turn it into something greater.