Why do Celebrities make so much Money?


Bella Gross


Celebrities these days are making millions. On almost every social media platform there are hundreds of thousands of celebrities and influencers. Celebrities like the Kardashians and Dwayne (the rock) Johnson make more than those with typical jobs. Yet, why do celebrities and influencers make so much money and how do they do it?

Many of the entertainment industries, such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and others, hire famous actors. That’s where the celebrities come in. Entertainment industries need talented actors, and it is even better when they qualify for the job. Besides entertainment industries, there’s a lot of profit made for these people. Despite there being many influencers on platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram, celebrities are rare. So, this gives them the power to entertain large numbers of people. Aside from that, the entertainment industry, social media platforms, and sponsors are very profitable. That’s a huge reason why celebrities earn so much money. Sponsors, like companies and businesses, are the main profit for celebrities and influencers. When it comes to social media, they’re not the ones funding most celebrities, it’s sponsors and big companies that are giving celebrities all their money. When someone gets popular on social media, sponsors take that opportunity. They do this because sponsoring people, especially big creators like celebrities boost their brands. This is a way of gaining credibility and visibility for companies and is a win-win situation for both parties. 

Professional athletes, company owners, and celebrities are all idolized for their talents and skill but, the real reason why celebrities make the big bucks is still not clear.  It was always company owners and professional athletes who were the most profitable and well paid. At this point in time, social media exists in almost everyone’s life. Celebrities are often idolized for their talents and looks, but what about company owners and athletes? Company owners are, of course, well paid, especially when it comes to shopping. (Especially online shopping) eBay and Amazon are some of the most popular shopping websites. So, of course, the majority of shopping websites are very well paid. Same with professional athletes. They work insanely hard and are loved by many people. Being a professional athlete is hard but truly pays off. So what about celebrities? Well, there’s the sponsorships, large amounts of people to entertain, and the amount of entertainment they can provide. This comes out to an insane amount of money. For example, the Kardashians. They are extremely wealthy, and the ways they make money are very smart. The Kardashians began their fame by starring on reality TV shows and slowly making their way to the top. Just look at them now! However, some people may argue that celebrities and influencers are “lazy” and do not deserve so much fame. Though this may be true in some cases, they’re still making tons of money. 

In the end, celebrities have the ability to make lots of money, entertain millions of people, and inspire many individuals. Though many people may argue that they don’t deserve all that money, you can’t disagree that it’s still a decent way to make money and become recognized by many people and maybe even the whole world.