In Memory of Bob Saget


Leila Barton

Danny Tanner was a beloved comedian and a dad figure to many. He filled people’s childhood with love and laughter for 35 years. Everyone had a soft spot for this “TV dad” and now the whole world is flashed with sorrow after hearing the tragic news. Bob Saget was found dead in his hotel room at The Ritz Carlton Hotel on January 9. 2022. He was found on the floor of his hotel room by hotel security at 4 PM.

His Death
Saget’s cause of death is still unknown, but news has been released that his family has had a history of heart attacks, which include his father and uncles. Officials have also stated that his death was not drug-related, but further information on the cause of his death will be out in a couple of months. Many have said that when Bob was found he had his hand on his chest, which supports theories of him having a heart attack.

Bob’s Legacy
Saget has left a mark on many lives who grew up watching Fuller House and know him as a comedian. Melissa Joan feels that losing a TV parent is like losing a family member. Many of Bob’s co-workers from the famous 1980’s television show, showed how they felt through social media. John Stamos also known as “Uncle Jesse” on the show, tweeted “I am broken. I am gutted. I am in complete and utter shock. I will never ever have another friend like him. I love you so much, Bobby.” Candace Cameron who was DJ Tanner on Full house shared pictures in memory of Bob. Many other celebrities showed their love to Bob, but this death also affected many others worldwide. Your parents, teachers, older siblings and even yourself might have had a connection to Bob. Parents of 7th graders Cassidy Snowden, Jade Shields, and Brooke Blakeley express their condolences. Cassidy Snowden’s dad, Mike, talked about how Bob made him laugh watching the show and was very sad when he heard the news. Jade Shields’ parent, Lindsey expressed how she used to watch Fuller House as well. Brooke Blakeley’s mom said that she learned lots of valuable lessons from Bob and it’s sad that he died only at 65 years old. Bob Saget was a loved actor, comedian, and father figure to many. May he rest in peace.