Will Cell Phones Be Banned At Rio?


Courtesy of Tali

Tali Cooper

Many people around the world at these times are obsessed with their cell phones. What do you think would happen if no one had phones anymore? No more social media, cyberbullying, etc. But there would also be no more communication besides non-cellular phones. You couldn’t text with other people, play games when you’re bored, or do other things you can on your own phone.

Two years ago, La Mesa made a no-phone policy at their school. The students had to have any electronic device completely turned off and in their backpack. They couldn’t take it out until the end of the school day. According to La Mesa principal Michele Krantz, if they do not follow this rule and are spotted by staff, their phone or device will be confiscated. If a parent needed to contact their child, they could use the special system set up through the school.

Rancho Pico Junior High also has a phone policy that states the students’ cellular devices must be “turned off and put away upon entering
the main gate”. Rio Norte vice principal Mr. Flores says that there is discussion about this topic. He states that we might not actually ban the devices, but will not allow them during school hours. This is for more social interaction and to be less dependent on them all the time.

When asked what he thinks about Rio students not having access to their phones for a whole school day, Mr. Flores says, “I think they will be fine; it’s like in elementary school where you can’t have them out period.” He says that staff would just go around enforcing this with a reminder. “Repeating offenders will have their phone taken,” Mr. Flores explains.

Will cell phones actually be banned at Rio Norte next year? 7th grader Kariza Gutierrez says, “Cell phones should not be banned because we spend money on something that we wouldn’t be allowed to use even at brunch or lunch.”